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Great Feedback for DM1A

It's so great to hear from people who have bought our watches and here's an extract from an email we received from Scott in Bishops Stortford , herecently purchased a DM1A pilot watch and this is what he had to say:

“I have this morning received my watch, and first things first it is fantastic I am really very pleased with it.

I have been collecting and reading/studying watches for many years now and would like to think I have a good knowledge of them.

I am fortunate to own and have owned some high end time pieces Brietling/Panerai/Hamilton/Glycine are part my current collection and I have also owned various Rolex's.

I would say from the off that your watch is up there with the high end watches due to a number of factors :-

Weight:- it feels heavy enough to feel expensive but its not so much that it becomes a hindrance by the end of the day (my Hamilton does this) granted that is automatic but never the less its still very heavy.

Design:- its a plain simple face which is easy to read and understand and the hands are bold and have a good area which illuminates the right amount.

Strap:- I am a bit funny about straps and have yet to find one that I truly like this takes nothing away from the one provided with your watch its of a good standard well make, the stitching is neat and the buckle is just the right size and with the DM logo its a nice finishing touch. If it was me I would have put a slightly thicker padded strap on due to the size of the face the strap needs to be a bulky just like the actual watch, again just my thoughts.

I have paid thousands for watches in the past, and if I had paid around £500 for your watch then I would not have batted an eyelid and still would have thought its a steal so you may want to consider upping your price at some point soon as its truly worth it.

I hope that small bit of feedback helps in some way, you have a very happy customer here and I wish you every success in the future, ill be looking out for any future designs that you may well have.”

Thank you Scott, we are delighted that you are so pleased with your purchase!