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About David Mason London Watches


Thanks for visiting David Mason London, we are a forward thinking upcoming British based watchmaker and designer striving to produce and bring to market quality timepieces that are well built, attractive, hard wearing and affordable.

We aim to incorporate classic British design and enthusiasm into the watch industry, our watches are all driven by Swiss movements at their heart which confirms our comitment to quality.

A new addition to the watch world, David Mason London Watches aim to create a range of watches that can be appreciated for their quality, design, pressence and ability to keep and measure time accurately.  

David Mason London's mantra is based on “a passion for watches and design, encompassed with a natural guiding principle of producing quality timepieces that exceed expectations and serve the test of time...”

The concept and intial idea was born in David's mind some years ago, when he first set eyes on a little know timepiece which was fabulously crafted and built by mastercraftsmen on the wrist of an aquaintance whilst on his travels, It was this first impression and the fact that it was nigh on impossible to obtain or find out any meaningful information on the timepiece that David's initial thirst for wrist watches began. This timepiece that caught the eye was a very special navy only edition Panerai.... Pre 1950's version of the watch we all now know and love...

David Mason Watches was founded in 2011 with the guiding principles of creating great men's watches using only best materials and skilled craftsman. We believe passionately in producing wrist watches that can be appreciated for their design and of course their ability to keep and measure time.

It is our mission to craft each watch to a high standard and sincerely hope that every owner of David Mason Watch is completely satisfied and we have continuous plans to innovate and create beautiful timepieces for you to enjoy.

We count on our web presence with www.davidmasonlondon.com and our brand ambassadors to get the word out about David Mason London Watches, at the moment these include Richland F1, MRE Motorsport, Oliver Webb (Renault World Series Driver), Cameron Twynham (Euro F3 Driver), Kent Cross (Racing Driver) and Tim Visser (Scotland Rugby International).

On a final note we always welcome and encourage feedback so if you can find the time please contact us at cs@davidmasonlondon.com , we would love to hear from you.